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The ideal enterprise VR headset will deliver a smooth, easy experience for users while providing admins control over what users see and do in VR. For developers, a good enterprise VR headset will minimize deployment and content management challenges.

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In 2017, Oculus announced that the company would offer a VR solution for enterprise. Built on Facebook Workplace, Oculus for Business was designed to help organizations manage VR headsets in the workplace at scale. However, Facebook has shut down its Oculus for Business platform and announced plans to release a new business service in the future. In the meantime, the consumer version of the Meta Quest is an affordable option.

The Meta Quest features a streamlined interface with a few apps installed and requires a Facebook account for login. It is crucial to consider how you will manage Facebook account logins if you deploy a large number of headsets for an organization.

Admins will need to have users log in with their Facebook account on Oculus, or they will need to log in to each headset with a unique Facebook account Meta Quests allows you to log in to multiple headsets with only one Facebook and Oculus account. However, Meta Quests sharing the same account cannot simultaneously run Oculus Store apps or apps using Oculus APIs.

The Meta Quest Pro is also a step forward in augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR), as users can remove peripheral blocks on the headset and utilize a color passthrough lens to see their surroundings. Color passthrough also allows users to take a break from VR without having to take off their headset.

The Meta Quest Pro is a premium enterprise headset with promising new features both VR and AR. For design and engineering professionals, or anyone who would benefit from a virtual PC, this headset can be a powerful tool.

However, short battery life, tedious management of Meta accounts, and the price point of $1499 for the specs you get (compared to other headsets) may be a bit too steep for wide adoption for most companies.

Pico produces some of the most comfortable headsets on the market. The battery pack serves as a counterweight located on the back of the headset, alleviating pressure on the front of the head. As a result, it is arguably more comfortable than the Meta Quest, which is an important consideration for long training sessions.

Battery life on most standalone headsets is usually between 2-3 hours. HTC VIVE Focus 3 also features a removable battery, which supports fast charging. The advantage is that you can replace battery packs for even longer VR experiences. Replaceable and rechargeable batteries essentially make your battery life for VR experiences infinite.

While the headsets might look chunky at first inspection, they are incredibly comfortable for prolonged usage, partly because the battery is fitted at the back of the headset strap. This helps balance the weight and prevents you from feeling too much weight on the front.

DPVR is an up-and-coming standalone headset manufacturer. They primarily produce 3DoF standalone headsets and tethered 6DoF headsets. They have many 3DoF options to choose between, making it easy to dial in the specs you need for your use case.

The DPVR P1 Ultra 4K starts at $599, which places it in the top tier of 3DoF headsets. It has better resolution than the Meta Quest 2 or the Pico Neo 3, at 19202160 pixels per eye. It weighs less than any other headset featured in this article, and DPVR has even lighter-weight 3DoF headsets available for purchase.

A powerful, relatively affordable, and lightweight 3DoF headset. DPVR can potentially provide the longest sessions in 3DoF VR in the industry. Between long battery life and the ability to run on a charger, users will get extended sessions in 3DoF VR.

A mobile device management (MDM) platform designed for XR can help you remotely manage and upload apps from ISVs while helping manage the in-headset experience. The right content combined with the right method of managing content on your XR hardware will set you up for success in the long run.

Made specifically for use with Dragon speech recognition, our Dragon headset delivers superior audio input quality using noise-cancelling technology to enhance speech accuracy. Connecting via USB, it delivers enhanced digital audio quality every time. Easily adjustable arm, right ear, left ear, with hypoallergenic ear pads provide a comfortable fit.

Picking the best gaming headset can be a difficult proposition, as both audio and gaming-centric brands make headphones that are suitable for gaming in addition to listening to music, podcasts or movies in a cocoon of sound.

Nevertheless, we've narrowed down a selection of headsets that we think are best for your gaming needs. These not only take into account audio playback quality and comfort but also how clear and responsive the microphones are, whether they are fixed or virtual.

If you're looking specifically for cord-free models, we've also compiled a list of the best wireless gaming headsets. And, if you're in the market specifically for console headsets, you can check out our lists of the best PS5 headsets and the best Xbox headsets.

Unlike some of Razer's bulkier headsets, the Blackshark V2 is extremely sleek and comfortable, making it easy to transport to esports tournaments. Getting it to fit properly can be a bit of a pain, however, and the Razer software is tedious to navigate at times. Still, at less than $100, the Blackshark V2 offers a great value, and some innovative audio options for your favorite games.

The HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 is a strong contender for the best cheap gaming headset you can buy. This sub-$50 peripheral provides perfectly decent sound quality, along with a comfortable fit, a no-nonsense design, and strong connectivity with PCs and consoles alike. Truthfully, there's not much to say about the Cloud Stinger 2, other than "it just works."

To be fair, we can't vouch for how the Cloud Stinger 2 might hold up over time, as its plastic chassis doesn't seem as durable as some of the headsets we've reviewed with steel headbands. The mic is also a bit on the quiet side, which might prove troublesome for players who thrive on online multiplayer.

The Sony Inzone H9 is a PS5 headset first and foremost, with its Sony pedigree, its black-and-white color scheme and its support for Tempest 3D audio. With excellent wireless connectivity, a rich soundscape and a comfortable fit, the Inzone H9 arguably outstrips the Sony PlayStation Pulse 3D headset, which is also a popular choice among PS5 players.

Granted, the Inzone H9 is not quite as good as a PC headset, due to an irksome desktop app and a mic that's not quite as good as you'd expect for the price. What's more, the Inzone H9 is a pretty pricey headset, even though the sound quality is pretty comparable to much cheaper models.