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Cbr Vs Vbr Lame Cherry !EXCLUSIVE!

As a thank you here are just a few albums I have not seen on your list that I thought you might find of interest. All are in V0 bitrate (my favorite - more efficient than 320kbps while retaining the same quality level - music is dynamic, the encoding algorithm should be dynamic and the lame encoder VBR algorithm is very sophisticated and produces very high quality rips while saving a great deal of disk space, bandwidth for uploading and downloading, etc. That is my philosophy and of many sound engineers I have read who contend VBR is superior to CBR.)Here are six albums from the Zeuhl genre group Zao:Zao-1975 - Osiris.rarZao-1975 - Shekina.rarZao-1976 - Kawana.part1.rarZao-1976 - Kawana.part2.rarZao-1977 - Typhareth.rarZao-1994 - Akhenaton.part1.rarZao-1994 - Akhenaton.part2.rarA French progressive band mostly from the 70s, early 80s with the exception of this album their last and most recent work. If you like them, I have all of their other albums: Strands of the Future, Pollen, Halloween, and 1 more I can't spell from memory (it is in French) since I am not on my PC but a friend's and can't look it up. The other albums are very good stuff and somewhat spacier than Gorlitz.Pulsar-1994 - Görlitz.rarA Canadian progressive band from the 70s/80s, this was FM's first album and a pretty good one. Very science fictiony, progressive and one that I originally bought on vinyl as soon as it came out and now have on CD.FM-1977-Black Noise.rarJT Bruce's 3 albums. He is a relatively unknown but fabulous multi-instrmentalist, progressive metalish/straight progressive artist. All 3 albums are well worth a listen.2005 - Anomalous Material.rar2006 - The Dreamer's Paradox.part1.rar2006 - The Dreamer's Paradox.part2.rar2008 - Universica.part1.rar2008 - Universica.part2.rarA very interesting progressive band, The Pineapple Thief, several albums, all in the following folder: =52a0397a354a36cd8c9e7c56ba37815fd134fbee3c96f525Obscure progressive from the 1970s:Opus Avantra-Lord Cromwell - Plays Suite for Seven Vices-V0.rarIvan Bartello is very unknown, has only 2 albums and I think this one is 192kbps but still sounds good.Ivan Bertolla.rarThe Flower Kings entire discography plus several rare Fanclub CDs, all Roine Stolt's and Tomas Bolin's solo works. About 30 or more albums in total.The Flower Kings & Solo Albums - MP3 V0Nearly 300 albums in various bitrates: =52a0397a354a36cdab1eab3e9fa335cae40aa0c016a19e3dA few other miscellaneous albums. I really recommend Metatronik - Tortured Mind and Savatage - Dead Winter Dead (members of Savatage make up the band Trans-Siberian Orchestra also). =52a0397a354a36cd91b20cc0d07ba4d21d4cb395b6feba6aA number of excellent progressive electronic and ambient albums from Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Michael Hoening, David Parsons and others. =52a0397a354a36cd8c9e7c56ba37815ffcfd5a5ca63dc19eAlmost all of the artists in this list should be able to be found at for background information, album details, etc.I hope you enjoy. This is but a small fraction of my collection which is somewhere around 16,000 albums. If you ever want to see a list (well several lists actually) of my collection just let me know.

Cbr Vs Vbr Lame Cherry

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