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While some clowns are in it for entertainment, others may be out there to do harm. A clown carrying a knife was caught on a home security system trying to break into a home in the middle of the night, according to the Daily Record. After realizing all the doors were locked, the clown walked away.


A homeowner on reddit posted about catching his contractor trying to break into his home thanks to his home security cameras. He says the contractor had a key and tried to enter the home, but the locks were changed.

Seeing a masked man at your door is unsettling enough, but imagine a masked man who returns to your home three times in one week. According to the Ring Home Security Blog, a family in Connecticut caught a masked man on home security cameras. The man came back a couple days later, followed by a third time when police were waiting for him.

Go Pro cameras are amazing pieces of technology that allow for great quality looking film to be recorded on small cameras. These cameras can be placed almost everywhere and allow for hands-free comfortable filming. This is why a lot of times people will simply attach them to themselves doing their everyday activities and sometimes these small cameras capture something strange. Whether it be people riding bikes or hiking Go Pro cameras have caught some of the most convincing evidence of the paranormal.

Go Pro cameras also film in high definition which is something you can get with security cameras and other small cameras as small as Go Pros. They have revolutionized how things are filmed for the better and sometimes for the worst. Go Pros are typically used to document different adventurous activities but some of the items on this list probably aren't what the creators of Go Pro had in mind. Urban explorers will often always bring at least one Go Pro with them to help them capture things that could easily be missed by other point and shoot cameras. Go Pros have definitely helped out the paranormal side of things in ways no other cameras can.

GoPro has become one of the best cameras to use when urban exploring. Most of the time the cameras are hands-free and so small you can barely notice them. However, this also means that they can pick some things up that many may not have seen in person. This happened for a group of urban explorers who were exploring an unnamed house. The exploration seemed to be going slow and nothing was really happening. That is until they turned the corner and was met with a large shadow figure in a room they entered. The camera crew didn't notice the figure at first but it was very clear that something didn't feel right to them upon entering the room.

Mittank checked out of the resort the same time as his friends, and checked into the Hotel Color Varna for one night. The hotel was cheap and close to the airport. However, a day after his friends left, he began to act paranoid. While at the hotel, Mittank called his mother, Sandra Mittank. In a whisper, he told her that people were trying to kill or rob him and that she should cancel his credit cards. The closed-circuit television security cameras in the hotel recorded him pacing up and down the halls, looking out windows, and hiding in an elevator. At 1 A.M., he left the hotel before returning about an hour later. It is not known what he did in the intervening period. In the morning, he once again called his mother, telling her that the people pursuing him were getting closer.[3]

Mittank was last seen at Varna Airport on July 8, 2014, the day he was hoping to fly home to Germany. He texted his mother that he had arrived at the airport. He went to consult with the airport doctor, Dr. Kosta Kostov. Kostov would later describe his behavior as "nervous and erratic." According to Kostov, he told Mittank that he was fine and could return home. However, Mittank did not leave his office, expressing doubt about the medication that he was taking. At that time, a construction worker entered the office. The airport was undergoing renovation at the time. Kostov said that Mittank then began to tremble. He yelled, "I don't want to die here. I have to get out of here." He then got up and fled the office. He left behind all of his luggage, which included his wallet, cell phone, and passport. He was captured by airport security cameras fleeing the terminal. Once outside, he can be seen on the footage jogging away from the airport, climbing a fence, running into a meadow, and sprinting off camera in the direction of an adjacent forest near Bulgarian national highway A2. These are his last confirmed whereabouts.[2][3][5]

Home security technology has come a long way. We can monitor every room and the exterior for very little money, and it's all accessible from a smartphone. Even doorbell cams exist now, with companies like Ring manufacturing a variety of options. If you're not familiar with their products, Ring doorbells feature cameras built directly into the panel, so you'll always have a video of any person - or thing - that visits your porch.

Footage caught by Ring doorbells generally falls into the mundane category, but now and then, the devices capture unnerving and even downright eerie security footage. What's worse is that people have discovered ways to hack into the security devices and spy on families in their homes. A man named John Baker Orange actually sued Ring and Amazon after his Ring camera was hacked in July 2019; he claimed the companies were negligent in keeping their devices secure.

The following instances of real home surveillance footage fall into the creepy category. Be it strange and dangerous people caught on cameras, unwanted animals lingering on the porch, or potential paranormal activity, it's all been recorded.

STUDIO CITY (CBSLA) - A neighbor's security camera caught the exact moment when an Uber Eats driver, out for a delivery in Studio City, picked up Patrick Lewis' cat, Hog, placed it in the back of her car, and then walked out of frame with a brown bag.

Whether you sent a very intimate email to your boss instead of your best mate, exposed yourself to Janet in accounts after an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction or had a canteen fumble caught on security camera, we want to know: what's the most embarrassing that's happened to you at work? 041b061a72

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