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Creature Full Movie !!EXCLUSIVE!! Download 2015 Torrent

This animated film was originally produced in Europe and released in Germany and the Low Countries. There it was titled, in the respective tongues, "Ooops! Noah is Gone." It goes by "Two by Two" in the U. K. and by "All Creatures Big and Small in the U. S. The DVD I purchased has the cover with the title in large letters as "GOD'S Little Creatures." The apparent inability of the producers to come up with one title may be due to the confusion within the film itself.On the DVD cover, it has a quote from the Dove Foundation that calls it "a charming story of forgiveness." By a real stretch of the imagination, one might come up with forgiveness as a part of a mixed bag of themes. But I doubt any youngsters, for whom this film must clearly have been the target audience, would grasp that. Other promotions and reviews have referred to this film as a comic tale about the animals that didn't make it onto Noah's Ark, an animal adventure, and who knows what all else.The big problem with this film is it's connection at all with the story of Noah and the ark from the Bible. Any kids in the audience who know anything about that story at all would immediately be confused. Either the writers and producers didn't know the Bible story themselves, or they didn't care if the story made sense. In which case, all kids who know the story would find this confusing to the point of distraction, and dislike for the movie. One doesn't like to think that there might have been another purpose or design of the film - that is, intentional distortion of a Bible story. Then one might wonder and question for what end or purpose.As an adult, I found the mixture of fable, with the Bible story, and cute animation with fictitious animals to be dumb and dull. But, in some ways it does tell even young children that these are the "dumb" animals. Finny and Leah think Obesey is a slug. Finny and Dave don't even know their real habitat. Nor do Leah and Hazel. Apparently, the film didn't do too well anywhere - with the possible exception of China. I have no idea how much the Chinese box office was in American dollars or British pounds or Euros. But when a movie source such as IMDb only lists the box office take from China and nowhere else, I take that as a sure sign of a flop.My three stars are solely for the cartoon work of the artists. I watched this to the end just out of curiosity to see if it had a couple of species of animals make it onto the ark that didn't have partners with which to copulate and preserve their species. That's the kind of question that would naturally come to mind for an adult - and even most children above age seven who watch this mixed bag of Biblical story, science, extinction, fantasy creatures, and cartoon adventure. And at the end, it's obvious that Hazel and Leah will be the last of the Grymps.This definitely is not in the league of "Ice Age" and the number of similar and sequel interesting and entertaining animated films. Best not to waste one's money on this film, even from the dollar bin of dvds.

Creature full movie download 2015 torrent

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