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Otto's Magic Blocks V1.0: A Creative and Challenging Puzzle Game

A Magic Mushroom is any shroom that appears to have an extra growth band at the bottom. Fungi including the Tawny Port-royal Mushroom have been eating grass and other vegetation for millions of years, but have never achieved complete domestication. Herbalists call them Mushrooms because in the wild they tend to grow in grassy fields. They have been the basis of poultices, jams, dyes, flour and many other substances. Several of these are well known. One is called "Holy Sticky Rice" for its ability to stick to the roof of a mouth and hold it open. Several other species are notable for their practice of "cannibalism": eating their own mates. (See On "Cannibalism" in Mushroom Species ). Some people eat raw stems of shrooms as snacks. The spores produce a mild digestive and circulatory stimulant similar to caffeine ('c'an-i-bal). Other compounds include the amphetamine lysergic acid. Psychedelic mushrooms, such as mescaline, come from a Psychotria genus that grows in a similar way, but tend to be larger, often with claws on the stems; these are called Rattlesnakes or Spider Mushrooms. Poisonous mushrooms include the Death Cap and others that produce a white chemical called "belladonna" or "deadly nightshade".

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You can purchase several devices that will do this for you. One is a "Magic Mushroom" device that will either do this for you or will allow you to extract as you wish. If the Mushroom device is truly an "Otto", the tablet will be yellow and it will have the words "Cannabis Sativa" printed on it. Some of the devices you may be offered by vendors may have blue tablets and have different words on the tablet. If you buy a device, you should probably study the instructions on how to prepare a cold extraction of cold-water tincture

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