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Biostat Comprehensive Meta Analysis (CMA) vs Other Meta-Analysis Software: A Comparison

During the period he was the head of biotechnology, Jan van Nimwegen was able to develop a new biostatistical method that has recently received much attention due to its higher statistical power than conventional analysis. He also developed a new Bayesian statistical method that is more powerful than the conventional method. Van Nimwegen's method allows to determine the optimal weightings of data during analysis. It is called optimal variable weighting (OVW).

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In summary, the comprehensive meta analysis tool (CMA) which is used for statistical evaluation, meta-analysis and meta-analysis is a software that can be used by anyone with no professional knowledge in order to generate a full analysis and data collection. Many statistics students think of meta-analysis as a difficult way to gain experience with the statistical analysis of individual studies, and meta-analysis software needs to be quite complex. However, the basics of meta-analysis and the software used for this purpose are quite simple and accessible even to all but the most experienced statisticians. The writing of this paper was supported by an Educational Grant from MediTech Solutions Inc. (Montreal, Quebec, Canada). The developers of the software could not be contacted for a comment on this paper.

Meta-analysis is one of the most frequently used statistical methods in modern scientific research. It is an important tool for drawing solid conclusions from the many individual studies that are often published on a subject. When testing some hypothesis, we often start from a set of individual studies. If this hypothesis cannot be supported by a single study, we use meta-analysis (or the summarizing statistical methods) in order to obtain more evidence that can convince us that the original statement is true and reliable.

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