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Alone With You

Tomris Laffly is a freelance film writer and critic based in New York. A member of the New York Film Critics Circle (NYFCC), she regularly contributes to, Variety and Time Out New York, with bylines in Filmmaker Magazine, Film Journal International, Vulture, The Playlist and The Wrap, among other outlets.

Alone with You

"To Be Alone with You" was the first song Dylan recorded for Nashville Skyline, on February 13, 1969.[1] It was one of four songs Dylan had written for the album before the recording sessions, the others being "Lay Lady Lay", "I Threw It All Away" and "One More Night".[1] It was recorded in eight takes, during which Dylan increased the backing instrumentation to include multiple guitars in addition to a dobro, a piano and an organ.[1]

Before the song starts, Dylan is heard asking his producer, Bob Johnston, "Is it rolling, Bob?"[2][3] It is a simple love song, with lyrics that Allmusic's Thomas Ward compares to a nursery rhyme.[1][2] Andy Gill suggests that Dylan was influenced by Jerry Lee Lewis on this song.[3] Gill suggests that both the arrangement and Dylan's delivery imitate Lewis' style, and that the final verse, which combines carnal and religious lyrics, is also in the style of Lewis' songs.[3] Years after recording it, Dylan commented that "I was trying to grasp something that would lead me on to where I thought I should be, and it didn't go anywhere".[1]

The bridge of the song begins with the line "They say that nighttime is the right time".[4] Music critic Michael Gray notes that "Night Time Is the Right Time" is a blues lyric that may have been based on a much older song and that it is surprising to find such a lyric in one of Nashville Skyline's country songs.[5]

Dylan first played "To Be Alone with You" live in concert more than 20 years after it was written, on October 15, 1989 at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia on the Never Ending Tour.[1][8] Since then, it has been played occasionally on the Never Ending Tour.[2] In 1991 and 1992 it was frequently used to open the set.[9] In the early 2000s it again became a frequent show opener, this time in a stirring rock and roll arrangement.[9] According to his official website, Dylan has played the song live over 125 times through its most recent outing on the Rough and Rowdy Ways World Wide Tour in 2022.[8]

"Alone with You" is the third and final single from Scottish band Texas' second album, Mothers Heaven (1991). It returned the band to the UK Singles Chart top 40 for the first time since 1989, reaching number 32. The song also reached number 28 in France, where it was released in late 1991.

"Alone with You" is a song written by Shane McAnally, Catt Gravitt and J. T. Harding, and recorded by American country music artist Jake Owen. It is the eighth single of his career, and was released in October 2011 as the second single from his album Barefoot Blue Jean Night.

Billy Dukes of Taste of Country gave the song three and a half stars out of five, saying that "with somewhat thin lyrical content, the song needs that genuine delivery to push it to colossal levels of greatness," adding that although "Owen doesn't own this as he has his more successful hits," he is "talented enough that his good is another singer's great."[3] Giving it four stars out of five, Bobby Peacock of Roughstock praised the "straightforward but effective lines" and said that it was "overall a very different sound for the usually upbeat Owen, and he pulls it off. "[4]

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While Bennett is present in every scene of the film, she does occasionally gets to share the screen with other people on, well, other screens (this is a COVID-shot film, after all). Brief FaceTime calls with her mother and best friend Thea (Dora Madison, VFW) are peppered throughout, but Bennett is the focus here. She is tasked with carrying the film by herself and she is more than up to the task. The script, on the other hand, struggles to maintain suspense throughout its admittedly brief 83-minute runtime, more focused on delaying a third act reveal instead of building tension.

A journalist for Bloody Disgusting since 2015, Trace writes film reviews and editorials, as well as co-hosts Bloody Disgusting's Horror Queers podcast, which looks at horror films through a queer lens. He has since become dedicated to amplifying queer voices in the horror community, while also injecting his own personal flair into film discourse. Trace lives in Austin, TX with his husband and their two dogs. Find him on Twitter @TracedThurman

Dark Star will release theatrically in early 2022 in New York and Los Angeles, plus additional markets across the country, with an on demand and digital release following after. Dark Star Pictures President Michael Repsch negotiated the deal with Producer Andrew Corkin on behalf of the filmmakers.

This movie starts off with Charlie (Emily Bennett) getting ready to celebrate her anniversary with her girlfriend, Simone (Emma Myles), who is returning from a business trip. As time goes on things start to get very weird, very dark, and very creepy. What follows is an intense thrilled that is taken to the next level but its visuals and lead performance, but pulled back down because of pacing issues, predictability, and poor dialogue.

Two people meet in the armory of the Art Institute by chance. Prior to their encounter, he is a doctoral student who manages his destructive thoughts with compulsive calculations about time travel; she is a bipolar counterfeit artist undergoing court-ordered psychotherapy. By the end of the story, these things will still be true.

Shane McAnally: I had just read a book called Running With Scissors [by Augusten Burroughs]. I thought that would be a cool song lyric and that it would be a metaphor for being in a relationship that was bad for you. Ultimately, we wrote the line "You've got me running with scissors down the hall / And I know it could kill me if I fall." We ended up with a different hook line in "I can't be alone with you."

When Jake went in to put his final vocal on the track, he didn't feel like that line was true to who he was and wasn't comfortable singing it. So JT, Catt and I came up with a few options that cleared up the metaphor and sounded a little more believable, the best being "You've got me out on the edge every time you call / And I know it would kill me if I fall." I think Jake made the right choice. He sings it with such conviction that the line is even more powerful than before. It's just ironic that the line we based the whole song on is the line that got "cut." No pun intended.

JT Harding: Two things stand out to me about writing "Alone With You." First, the three of us got together, and Shane started playing the guitar intro just like you hear it now on the radio. It sounded so cool and yet sad at the same time. I started singing words off the top of my head, and lyrics literally gushed out about a romantic mess I had gotten myself into. Shane jumped right in with great words about his own past messes. [Laughs]

Around Nashville, some people thought a girl should sing this song, but I knew if a dude sang it, it would be huge because it's a bit vulnerable. Shane was writing songs with Jake, and they talked about "Alone With You," and Jake decided to cut it. I couldn't be happier. Jake and his producers Joey Moi and Rodney Clawson knocked it out of the park.

Catt Gravitt: It should be illegal to have this much fun in a writing appointment! I remember laughing so hard with JT and Shane and loving what we had when we walked out of the room. 041b061a72

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