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How to Install iOS 14 Beta and iPadOS 14 Beta on iPhone 6 Plus and Other Devices

This year, Apple will not release beta profiles for iOS 17 beta, iPadOS 17 beta, macOS 14 beta, watchOS 10 beta, and tvOS 17 beta. They have introduced a new beta software update system integrated within Settings - General - Software Update - Beta Updates. For more information, please see: Enroll your devices to get Apple Beta Software.

ios 14 beta download for iphone 6 plus

AirPods beta firmware for Apple Developer Program members enables development of features on iOS and macOS for AirPods. This program also enables debugging of issues by Apple with on-in log collection. This release includes improvements to Automatic Switching and various bug and stability fixes.

iOS 14.8 Beta 2 Profile Download. Betaprofiles iOS 14. Download Beta Profiles. Even before the release of the finished operating system, Apple offers to install iOS 14.8 beta profile. So you can test all new functions and changes yourself before the market launch. You can find out how to install the iOS 14Beta in the following practical tip.

iOS 14 includes a variety of new features for iPhone, including the ability to have widgets on the Home Screen, a new App Library feature, instant language translation capabilities, and much more. Because beta versions of software are under active development, features and functionalities may change before the final version is released later in the year.

iOS 14 developer beta 1 is intended for developers only, but technically anyone can get the iOS 14 developer beta by joining the Apple Developer program and paying for a membership fee to gain access to the beta profiles. Doing so also enables users to download macOS Big Sur beta along with betas of iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, and watchOS 7. Nonetheless, most casual users who are interested in running beta software are better served by waiting until the public beta is released in the coming weeks, which is free and does not require a membership fee.

Technically, even non-developers can install the iOS 14 beta profile on their iPhone or iPod touch even they come across another source of the beta profile, but doing so is not supported nor is it recommended. A better approach is to simply wait for the public beta of iOS 14 to commence in the coming weeks.

Before integrating it completely into the market, Apple focuses on presenting the update to its users and enhance the model with the final touches that they believe make it impenetrable. This presentation is performed with the aid of the beta version of their update. iOS 14 is the next progression of Apple's basic OS, which has been introduced prematurely in the market in the form of the iOS 14 Beta version.

The platform covers the complete backup automatically and notifies you over completion. You can preview the backup by accessing the application's interface. This concludes the complete process of backing up the iPhone before installing the iOS 14 beta version onto your phone.

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