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Regrowth Overhaul Fallout 4

I only had fps issues during big fights, when there were a lot of particle effects and such going on. I heard the new update for regrowth fixes that. I guess I'll try it out for myself this weekend. It seems to be an unpopular mod with a lot of people.

Regrowth Overhaul Fallout 4

Fallout 4's post-apocalyptic environment can always do with a few texture overhaul mods to pretty it up, but there are other mods that add to it in a big way. Whether it's a specific texture mod, a weather overhaul, or a complete rework of the game's foliage, Fallout 4 can be transformed into a completely new experience for first-time players and veterans alike.

Environmental mods require a solid baseline to operate under, and if there's one texture pack worthy of that job, it's Vivid Fallout. The All in One package is a mixture of several mods by author Hein84, and they overhaul a massive percentage of Fallout 4's in-game assets.

Fallout 4's post-apocalyptic wasteland is full of rubble, dirt, and leaves - lots of leaves. In fact, they're so prevalent that it's a good idea to upgrade their visual clarity, simply for the sake of less eye stress. This mod is one of the best leaf texture overhauls around, with a level of clarity that works wonders.

The Commonwealth is devoid of much in the way of flora, but that doesn't mean a good grass mod can't overhaul the visuals and make things a bit nicer on the eyes. VELDT is a very solid grass mod that balances the overall look of Fallout 4's wasteland aesthetic while making it look like a plausible regrowth of nature over the course of 200 years.

Vivid Weathers has been a fan-favorite Skyrim mod for years, but it has also been ported to Fallout 4. It's designed to completely overhaul the weather and climate system of the game with 75 individual new kinds of weather, and 110 cloud textures that are guaranteed to change the look and feel of the environment.

The mod affects all four seasons while adding in new rain sounds and effects, volumetric fogs, varying night brightness, and even a questline to boot. It's an all-in-one package for gamers who want to change the atmospheric aesthetic to work alongside ground-based texture and object overhaul mods.

Fallout 4's base water leaves much to be desired, and this add-on overhauls the textures, specular, opacity, and appearance to deliver a much more attractive vision. Since players will spend a great deal of time walking the coastline, it pays for the water to look its best.

This is especially true when taking other texture mods into account. By adding Vivid Waters to the mod list, it will guarantee that the game's water matches the high-res detail of these texture packs to complete the overhaul of the environment. Combined, these mods help Fallout 4 retain its position as one of the best post-apocalyptic video games ever made.

Fallout 4 players who have gone a few playthroughs with the normal set of parameters may wish to change things up a bit, and this mod is a perfect alternative. It drastically overhauls the environment by switching the Commonwealth from an early fall wasteland to a cold, harsh winter environment.

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